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It is commonly said that it is easier to find GOD than to find a room on rent. It is also correct that after food and cloth getting a shelter is the third most basic need of human being. We are living in 21st century, the era of Globalization, and today Communication is the best tool to make everything possible. In communication, Internet is the best medium to get any information on your fingertips. We thought a lot over it and reached on a result in the form of Roomincity .com is a website which acts as a platform for the people searching for temporary or permanent shelter. We assure to fulfill their requirement with our efforts.

It is common for all that we face problems in finding rooms and buying properties as per our requirement. is a single solution terminal for all such problems. We solve all these basic and fundamental but serious problems for you. In this age of technology revolution a small child can surf on Internet to explore the whole world. Now most of the people use internet in direct or indirect form to get information and several services in the easiest manner.

Observing all these things we have decided to come up with an online service of providing room, flats and houses on rent. We also deal in the sector of real estate and other property services. Information about room on rent, paying guest, house/villa on rent, property sell- buy are available on our website. One can post free ad of his/her room and can post free property ads also. The information posted by the person would be placed in our property listing in a well arranged format. One has to describe only some basic information about the property like number of bedrooms 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK or more, bathrooms, kitchen, furnished, semi furnished, and other amenities.

Once registering with us that particular person will always be in our contact. Whenever in future he/she thinks to advertise his/her room or property would not have to provide the data again. Information once provided by the user would be saved in our database. With a warm wish and deep desire to end your hunt for room, flat and house, we have brought our best and most sincere effort so that we can assure shelter for everyone of you.

CEO Says: A caterpillar has nothing to show that it is going to be a butterfly, similarly at present time We have nothing to say about, time will tell and prove things. is much more than just a website to me. It is like a family to me and we all along with all our users are the member of this family. One thing that I can assure you all is that we will always try to give our best and most sincere effort with our smooth services.